Spettacolo in lingua inglese

Where are we going?
Second star to the right, and straight on until morning!
When Wendy meets Peter Pan, a magical boy who can fly, she leaves her normal school girl life for
adventures on the mysterious island Neverland.
Who will they meet there – Pirates? Wild animals? Lost boys? Mermaids? The mischievous fairy
Tinkerbell? A vengeful captain Hook?
Find out in this delightful adaptation of the classic story by J.M.Barrie.
Break Theatre uses vibrant imagination, physical theatre, comedy, and audience interaction to bring the
story to life with a simple English script and brilliant mothertongue actors.
A short workshop will follow the performance to directly involve students in the themes, energy and
language of the show.
There is accompanying educational material to prepare students including games, activities and chants
to learn ahead of attending the theatre.
Are you ready to come with us to Neverland….a magical Island where children do not grow up?

Regia Madeleine McGowan

Organizzazione e revisione del testo per didattica lingua inglese Monica Marchini

Produzione Break Theatre

Fascia d’età: da 8 a 13 anni

Tecnica utilizzata: teatro d’attore

Durata: 50 minuti + laboratorio