Snow Queen

giovedì 30 gennaio

Imagine a mirror that shows only the bad in the world…
Imagine a Snow Queen who can turn hearts into ice…
Imagine a boy and a girl whose friendship is stronger than stone…
Kai and Gerda are best friends for life. They play, and listen to Grandma’s stories.
But one day Kai is stolen by the mysterious Snow Queen.
Little Gerda must follow her heart on a journey to find her friend. She goes North to cold lands,
through forests, rivers, and freezing winds. She finds a magical garden, a talking reindeer and a
ferocious band of robbers, who help her find the Snow Queen’s palace.
But can she break the spell holding Kai prisoner?
A story of friendship, courage and adventure, full of crazy characters and magical moments, about
fighting for the things we love.

Bring your imagination!

Regia Madeleine McGowan

Organizzazione e revisione del testo per didattica lingua inglese Monica Marchini

Produzione Break Theatre

Fascia d’età: da 8 a 12 anni

Tecnica utilizzata: teatro d’attore

Durata: 50 minuti